Why do you need hair conditioner?

Beautiful hair is not only a manifestation of heredity, but also the result of the efforts made by a person itself.  Shampoos have a cleansing effect, eliminating impurities, styling products, and healthy sebum. As a result, the strands become dry, damaged. Therefore, they need to be nourished, protected, which is what a hair conditioner is for. A properly selected product will help to avoid dryness, tangles, and brittle hair. First, you need to understand how the conditioner works and how to apply it correctly so that the effect is maximized.


Hair conditioner is a special care product with a creamy texture that softens the effect of the cleanser. To cleanse your hair well, the shampoo must expose the scales of the hair shaft, which normally adhere tightly to it. Therefore, the shampoo contains aggressive ingredients that cleanse the hair and scalp.

Moreover, the main components of the conditioner cover the hair scales after washing, fill them with caring, emollient substances. Professionals do not recommend using shampoo and conditioner in the same formula, as these products are designed to solve different problems. They have the opposite effect on the hair. Hair conditioners typically include oils, emollients, silicones, and cationic surfactants to remove excess grease and oil. They also contain special additives that saturate the hair with useful elements necessary for its health.


Before you know how to use a hair conditioner, you need to understand what effect it does. Clean curls become less voluminous, more fragile, brittle, and fade faster in the sun. They absorb dust and exhaust fumes faster, and split hair ends. The fact is that dirty hair is covered with a layer of sebum (sebum), which provides protection, while clean hair does not.

However, if you use a hair conditioner, these troubles can be avoided, because it has the following effect:

  • Clogs hair cuticles - reliably glues keratin scales, restoring the hair structure;
  • Provides curls with reliable protection, thanks to which they are combed better and less split;
  • Makes them shiny, silky, gives a healthy and attractive appearance.

Using a hair conditioner helps to maintain moisture balance, as the hair does not lose nutrients and moisture. The use of this product is very useful not only for damaged hair, but also for healthy hair.


There are three types of hair conditioners:

  • Daily (rinses).
  • Indelible.
  • Specialized (analogue of a mask).

You should understand what kind of hair conditioner you need and how to use it correctly. It is advisable to use all three types in order to provide your hair with complete care, preventing it from dehydration.

In addition to protecting and softening hair, specialized deep-acting conditioners are designed to solve specific individual problems. This can be the preservation of the color of the colored curls, the sealing of split ends, and an increase in the root volume. They are used as a regular rinse, but sometimes the effect must be longer.

Knowing how to use hair conditioner will maximize the effect and protect your curls from external factors. You need to choose a product according to the type of your hair or to solve the problem.


You must follow the sequence of steps:

  1. Rinse hair thoroughly, especially the root zone, but being careful not to damage the ends.
  2. Wash off the shampoo with warm water, being careful not to pull on the strands.
  3. Remove excess moisture by wringing out the hair or removing it with a towel (the product will not hold on to excessively damp curls and will not have the desired effect).
  4. Apply with gentle finger movements the required amount of conditioner depending on the hair and the product itself. Start at the ends, as they are the most damaged part of the strands. Do not rub the product into the scalp as it can clog the follicles and, as a result, slow down hair growth.
  5. Wait for the required time (the package always indicates how many minutes you need to keep the composition). It is important to know that the longer you hold the product, the more impact it will have.
  6. Do not use a brush after rinsing the fabric softener, as damp curls should be handled with care. Comb them with a wide-toothed comb or comb.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


Leave-in products work more intensely on the hair and protect it better. These conditioners can be applied to both wet and dry curls. If the product is creamy, spread a small amount over the palms of your palms and apply to hair with light patting movements. The spray just needs to be sprayed on the strands.

Deep-acting conditioners are applied to the curls with a thick layer (if long-term exposure is necessary). Then they put a shower cap on the head and wrap it with a towel on top to keep it warm. You can wash off such a hair mask after 20-30 minutes.


If you don't know whether to prefer a balm or conditioner, focus on the desired effect. Hair conditioner should be used to give it shine, smoothness. The balm will provide a healing effect - eliminate dryness, dandruff, hair loss, fragility.

For colored hair, use a product specifically designed for it. They contain components that help the curls to recover, but do not replace the acquired tone with nutrients.

by Muntaha Naqvi 


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