Sweet Sweet Release: Texture Release; a natural hair smoothing system

Ever felt like having straight hair one day and natural hair the next? Enter, KeraCare Texture Release. Texture Release’s goal is to give you temporarily straight to lightly curled/wavy hair (depending on your hair type). This product is made by Avlon, a well-known company, that uses the art of science and applies it to hair.

The Texture Release is for sale on our website. It’s one of our top-sellers! Why do so many people want to use this product? It’s simple, this product straightens the hair without the use of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, a possible carcinogen.

What this hair system does is work with patented enzymes and keratin to crosslink with the hair to hold the hair into place for up to 2 months!

First step is the Hair Dilator. This gets the hair cuticles to open and be ready to receive the active ingredients contained in the releasing lotion.

Next, the releasing lotion is applied. This product has amino acids which penetrate deep into the hair cortex to create long lasting crosslinks that keep the hair in an elongated or straightened style for 8-12 weeks (again depending on hair type and condition).

The final step is the thermal protector. You want to apply a generous amount to the hair to truly protect the hair from thermal damage and help fight frizz while you’re at it.

Depending on what heat techniques you apply there can be three different effects achieved with this product.

  • Sleek look: making the hair straight to give that silk-pressed effect.
  • Wavy look: giving the hair an optional textural change allowing the hair to be more manageable when combing. Moving between straight and curly hair in a jiffy.
  • Textured look: keeping the hair cute and coily. Used to loosen your natural curl pattern to reduce shrinkage and promote more curl definition. This can be achieved without the use of heat styling tools.

Whatever your hair goals are, Texture Release has got you covered. This versatile product is built to strengthen and lengthen the hair as well as promote healthy hair growth.

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