Process of Affirm Relaxer System

Relaxers have come a long way since Garret Augustus Morgan first unintentionally stumbled upon the hair texturizing cream.

With the health of your Scalp and Tresses at heart, we have brought you The Affirm Relaxer System. This four-step Relaxer System is everything you will when texturizing your crown, from root to tip.

The Affirm Relaxer System is fully equipped to guide you step-by-step and provide protection for your hair when relaxing from home. If you have sensitive skin or an irritable scalp, we do recommend visiting a Licensed Cosmetologist to examine your scalp before beginning any chemical process.

As well as with any chemical process, it is, for your safety, crucial to follow all manufacturer’s instructions for the safest and benefitting outcomes.

Why choose Affirm Relaxer System over other relaxer brands?

The difference between commercial relaxer brands and the Affirm Relaxer System is the protective intervention before, during and after the relaxer process. Other relaxers offer one-step to two-step brands that consist of harsh formulas with no added conditioners or strengtheners. Affirm relaxer system prepares the scalp and hair shaft in two steps before the relaxer cream is even applied. In addition to this pre-condition, we also offer a post-condition applied following the rinsing of the relaxer cream. These protective coats retain a light, lotion-like consistency that doesn’t weigh down the hair and it easily rinsed. For those with sensitive skin on the scalp, we also offer the Affirm Sensitive Relaxer System with just as equally great results.

Here is how the Affirm Relaxer System works.

Preparation Step.


Begin your texturizing process by first applying the safeguarding Gentle Assurance. This first step creates a protective coating over your scalp that prevents irritation during the relaxing process. Also, this product is water-soluble, which means it will completely dissolve in water without leaving and residue at the time of rinsing. Gentle Assurance can be applied directly to the scalp, keeping in mind that a little goes a long way!


Now that we have your scalp covered, it’s time to apply a protective coating over the hair shaft. In this first step, you will use the Affirm Protecto. This pre-treatment is applied from root to tip. This product not only protects the hair - it also ensures the hair cuticle (or the outer layer of the hair shaft) remains aligned in the strand’s natural direction during the process. A quarter-size amount can be applied from root to ends. You can concentrate the Affirm Protecto in areas where there is breakage, brittle, or dry hair. The Affirm Protecto has a light consistency and a fragrant smell you will genuinely enjoy!


Your tresses are coated, covered and ready for the Affirm Cream Hair Relaxer (Sodium Hydroxide Formula)! The cream should only be applied and set-in for 15 minutes (this all depends on your hair needs), make sure you have a timer handy.

PRO TIP: Start from the end of the new growth (the shaft side) towards the root. Avoiding the scalp. The gentle assurance from the preparation step will help with that. Consistency throughout the shaft is key to avoid breakage and fly-aways.

Because this formula does not produce a watery nor runny consistency, it remains in the exact section where it was applied, just like a creamy butter!. This reduces any chance of experiencing burns or irritation.


Once you have rinsed the relaxer completely out of the hair, you are ready to apply the Affirm 5-in-1 Reconstructor. This lotion reconditions the hair after the relaxer process and reconstructs the hair shaft while the cuticle is open!


The last step in this system is the cleanse, where you will use the Affirm Normalizing Shampoo. This shampoo not only cleanses the hair and scalp, but it indicates by changing PINK when the relaxer is completely rinsed.

With numerous exotic oils, the Affirm Relaxer System provides conditioning throughout the hair before, during and after the relaxer process. While this system deeply penetrates the hair shaft - achieving the straightest results, it also maintains the integrity of the hair, promoting strong and healthy tresses.

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I have been using the Milani hair relaxer for over 3 mos. but, I’m afraid I have alot of breakage. I It never really straightened my hair throughout the roots.The BEST product I have used Is the Loreal Anti-curl Keratin Relaxer #3. But, it’s been removed from the market. I need something that is similar. Any Suggestions?


Thanks Mel for catching that! Bad wording on our part. We meant apply from the end of the new growth towards the root. Be careful not to apply to scalp but the preparation step should help with avoiding that all together. This is why its really important to go to a licensed cosmetologist for your relaxer service!


Affirm relaxer system is an amazing product and I love it.

Elizabeth Augustin

Your pro tip is incorrect. Relaxer should not be applied to the Tips (Ends) first but to the New Growth only. The only time relaxer is ever applied to the tips (ends) is if it is a Virgin Relaxer only. Over processing is sure to happen if applied incorrectly.

Sincerely a Licensed Cosmetologists


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